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A message from the Chairman

Delegates, Alternates and Guests,

For the first time in the history of the Michigan Republican Party, we will be gathering for an endorsement convention months ahead of our usually scheduled August convention.

For multiple cycles now, the Democrats have hosted an endorsement convention in the spring, giving their general election candidates a multi-month head start to campaign. We fell behind.

Thanks to the hard work of our Policy and State Committee members, that head start is going to be erased.

It is my honor to welcome everyone to Grand Rapids for this historic event and I look forward to coming out of the weekend united and ready to take on Gretchen Whitmer, Dana Nessel and Jocelyn Benson head on.

In liberty and victory,

Ambassador Ron Weiser, Chairman


Michigan has been through one of the most catastrophic years of economy crushing, one-sided policy decisions in the history of the state.

Following our April Convention, Michigan Republican's will come out united behind a field of candidates who will work to reverse the absolute damage done by Gretchen Whitmer, Jocelyn Benson and Dana Nessel.

Convention Speakers being announced soon!

Convention Speakers being announced soon!